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6 proven secrets why should you choose the right sports bra? Reason 4 will shock you

Sports Bra

Whether to improve your health or to relieve some stress caused by work, sports have become an imperative activity in your daily routine. Comfort is important. That is why having the right clothes and shoes when performing our exercise routines or sports disciplines is absolutely essential. But, Have you ever thought about the importance of using an appropriate sports bra?

There are many women who do not take this important garment into account when planning their sports activities. And, believe it or not, not using them correctly can have serious consequences. Come with me to discover why and also how to choose and use your sports bras correctly!

Importance of choosing the right sports bra when engaging in physical activity.

“Wearing the right bra is as important as wearing the right shoes”.

From bottom to top, from left to right… During physical routinary activities, it is not only your body that’s in motion, your breasts specifically are also moving, and a whole lot!

That is why with a proper gym bra you will not only feel comfortable, you can also prevent any kind of injury related to sudden movements of the chest. Such is the case of the ligaments that support the weight, these can be seriously affected causing the breasts to fall progressively. And it is not only this; when you do not wear a proper bra your breasts can also suffer from excessive sweating, in which heat and friction can affect both your armpits and breasts.

How to choose the right gym bra.

Not all bras serve the same function. That is, the bra you use to do pilates will not be the same as the one you use for running, you must take into account the size of your chest and the activity you do to find the right one.

If you perform low-impact activities, like yoga or pilates routines, a comfortable sports bra that fits your chest size will suffice. However, if you do high-impact activities such as running or practicing any sports discipline, it is necessary to use bras with special gatherings to stop the sudden movements.

What should I consider when buying a new sports bra?

1. It has to be comfortable.

We know how important it is that your sports bra supports your chest well. But it’s also important that it allows you to do as much movement as possible without causing damage to your skin, such as chafing. It is also not ideal if it moves or wrinkles or if its straps are too tight.

2. It should be designed with quality materials.

When choosing your sports bra, look at the material used to make it. This is essential to avoid annoying chafing in the armpits and lower chest area.

It is necessary that the bra is breathable and able to regulate all the sweat. That is, it must be designed with fibers that can expel all the heat and sweat and can dry quickly.

3. Find one that fits your size.

There are many women who do not take into account the size of their bra when buying it. They tend to choose it without paying the slightest attention. The size is essential to achieve good support and you need to start your own personal quest in order to find the perfect size.

4. Avoid those with underwire and seams.

No matter the size of your breasts, no matter how big they are, your sports bras should not have underwires. If your bra is of high quality, you won’t need them to fit your breasts properly.

It is also important to avoid bras with seams. If you make sudden movements during your sports activity, they can cause painful skin friction, thus causing serious damage.

5. It is necessary that they have good support.

Depending on the size of your breasts and the activity you do. Your sports bra must have an adequate support system. The bra must be able to deal with all the movements of your chest. All this is achieved through a compression and gathering system that holds and wraps each breast properly.

6. How often should I change my sports bra?

As time goes by, your bras may begin to lose their primary function, just like your shoes. They may begin to lose their properties, and this is due to prolonged use; the or poking underwire bends, the fabric frays, the straps stretch out, and the cups don’t welcome your breasts as fine as before.

There is no rule as to how often you should change them. All this will depend on the brand of the bra. But what is certain is that once you begin to notice that the straps and elastic bands are loose or that the support begins to give way, these are signs that you should change it for a new one.

As you know now, it is not enough to be comfortable and look great with your sports outfit, paying proper attention to your breasts is essential, so you can make sure they are protected and safe during a workout.

We invite you to use our extraordinary Gymmer Sports Bra, without a doubt you will enjoy your workouts and protect your breasts.