How to Choose Saree Blouse Size Online? A Step-by-Step Guide


Did you know over 80% of Indian women prefer to buy sarees and blouses online? This way, those living in different countries can still enjoy ethnic fashion. This makes it easy for fans of Bollywood and Desi culture worldwide. Online shopping for sarees has become really popular, especially for chiffon, silk, and Jamdani sarees.

Finding the right blouse size can be a challenge. An ill-fitting blouse can ruin the look of a beautiful saree. But, a well-fitted one will make you look stunning. Make sure to carefully check the size chart and choose custom-stitching if it's offered when shopping online.

Key Takeaways:

  • Online shopping has made it much simpler to buy ethnic wear, like sarees and blouses.
  • Getting the right size of the blouse is key to looking good and feeling comfortable.
  • It's crucial to read the size charts, think about custom-stitching, and measure accurately for the perfect fit.
  • Online stores welcome customers from all over the world, interested in Desi fashion.
  • Chiffon, designer silk, Banarasi georgette, and Jamdani sarees are among the popular choices online.

Understanding Saree Blouse Sizing Importance

Accurate saree blouse measurements are key for a good fit. They make you look and feel your best. With the right measurements, your blouse matches the sari well.

Flattering Fit

Right measurements mean you can move freely. This lets you enjoy activities without feeling uncomfortable.

Proportion and Balance

A well-fitted blouse makes the saree look great on you. It shows off the saree's pattern and your shape well.

Ease of Movement

Correct measurements let you move without restriction. You can have fun at events without worrying about how your blouse feels.

Fabric Draping

When your blouse fits right, the saree falls perfectly. This showcases the saree's beauty and yours.

Personalized Style

Having a blouse that fits you perfectly makes your outfit unique. It shows off your personal style, enhancing the saree’s look.

Benefits of Taking Accurate Measurements

Getting your measurements right before buying online ensures your saree fits well. This means you won't need to return or alter it, giving you the benefits of accurate blouse measurement. Knowing your precise measurements will help you pick the right size with confidence, reducing worry about how it'll look or feel.

Perfect Size

By taking the correct measurements, you make sure the saree blouse size is just right. This avoids getting the wrong size and saves you from having to exchange or alter it.

Confident Choices

Having your online saree blouse measurement handy lets you make choices with confidence. You know the saree will fit perfectly and look good on you.

Time and Money Savings

Accurate measurements save you from the hassle and cost of returning or altering. This leads to a saree blouse fitting perfectly the first time.

Photography Ready

When your saree blouse fits just right, you're set for photos. You'll look great from every angle.

Essential Tools for Measuring Blouse Size Online

When buying saree blouses online, the right tools are key for a perfect fit. Items like markers, pins, and good lighting are important. They help you measure accurately and choose the best size.

Markers or Pins

Using markers or pins is a smart way to measure. They let you place the tape exactly where it's needed, like around your bust or shoulders.

Reference Guides

Online guides and videos offer step-by-step measuring advice. They're great to make sure you're measuring correctly.


A calculator helps with unit conversions and averages. It saves time and makes sure your sizes are right.

Good Lighting

Make sure the place where you're measuring is well-lit. This helps avoid mistakes in reading your measurements.

Comfortable Clothing

Wear comfy, fitted clothes when measuring. This ensures your measurements are true. It will lead to a perfect fit for your blouse.

Camera or Smartphone

Take pictures as you measure. This is a good way to review your measurements. You can also show them to the seller for advice.

With these tools, you'll measure your saree blouse with confidence. You'll get a fit that's not just right, but also feels great.

How to Choose Saree Blouse Size Online?

Getting the right saree blouse size is very important. It helps you look good and feel comfy. When you're online shopping for your perfect how to measure saree blouse or a blouse measurement guide, knowing the key measurements is a must. Let's look at the important steps for a fitting saree blouse size selection online that suits your style.

Below is Gymmer readymade blouse size chart

Gymmer Blouse size chart

Bust Measurement

Measure over your bust's fullest part and the back's widest area. Use a measuring tape that goes evenly around your body.

Underbust Measurement

The blouse's bottom sits above the waist. So, measure above your waist area. Take the measuring tape from one side to the other.

Blouse Length Measurement

Begin at the shoulder's center and measure down to where you want the blouse to finish. Make sure the tape goes through the middle of your bust.

Shoulder Width Measurement

Measure from the top of your shoulder near your neck to the spot where your blouse's neckline drops.

Armhole Measurement

From your neck's joint, measure to your back's center. Decide how low you'd like your blouse's back to be.

Sleeve Length Measurement

For the bicep section, wrap and measure around its fullest. Start at the shoulder's edge, then go down the arm to pick your sleeve length.

Tips for Precision in Online Blouse Measurements

Getting the right saree blouse size matters a lot. You want it to fit well and look good. Pay attention to the important spots when measuring. Also, use online tools to make sure you get it right.

Measure at Key Points

Measure your bust and shoulder width carefully. This is key for your blouse to fit just right. It should suit your body shape well.

Follow Online Guides

There are many sites that guide you through step-by-step or with videos. These can really help you measure your saree blouse accurately. Making use of them can prevent simple errors.

Use Fixed Landmarks

Pick fixed points like the navel or base of the neck for starting your measurements. This makes sure you measure the same way each time. It's vital for a good fit.

Seek Assistance

It's a good idea to get help, especially for the back measurements. A friend or family member can make it easier. It improves the accuracy of your blouse size.

Record and Label

Keep a clear record of your measurements and label them correctly. This avoids mix-ups when you order online. Staying organized helps you get the right fit.

Common Measurement Mistakes to Avoid

Getting saree latest blouse designs to fit well is key, and many parts need careful measuring. But making mistakes is common and can mess up the size. Watch out for these errors to ensure a perfect fit.

Ignoring Online Guides

There are plenty of sites with detailed guides on measuring for saree blouses. Not checking these out can mean wrong measurements. Always look at the guides to measure the bust, shoulders, and sleeves correctly.

Not Labeling Measurements

Forgetting to label each measurement clearly can lead to problems later when ordering. Write down and label everything, from bust to shoulder, to avoid picking the wrong size. With proper labels, you'll get a blouse that fits well.


If you rush measuring, mistakes are more likely. Take your time to measure every part accurately. This prevents getting a blouse that doesn't fit right, saving you from costly fixes or returns.

Incorrect Posture

Your stance while measuring matters a lot. Bad posture can mess up the measurements, making the blouse fit poorly. Remember to stand straight, shoulders pulled back and chin level, for the best results.

Expert Advice for Flawless Blouse Fit

Getting the perfect saree blouse fit can make you look great and feel confident. Follow these expert tips when shopping online for the best fit:

Get Exact Measurements

Take accurate measurements of your bust, waist, and other areas. This ensures the blouse fits just right. Good saree blouse fitting starts with the right measurements for a comfy and flattering blouse.

Correct Your Posture

Stand straight with good posture while measuring. Your stance affects how the blouse sits on your body. This is crucial for the perfect latest designer blouse size selection.

Consider Saree Type

Tell the seller which saree you'll wear with the blouse. It makes your look come together. They can then recommend the best online blouse customization for you.

Order Trial Blouse

Think about trying a sample blouse before buying the final one. This step allows for adjustments and ensures a perfect fit. Look for blouse measurement guidance to get it right.

Ask For Seller Recommendations

Ask for advice from online sellers who are known for good fits and quality work. Their tips can help find the perfect fit and size for you.

Clear Communication

Stay in touch with the seller and tell them exactly what you need. Good communication leads to a blouse that fits well. It makes your online shopping a success.

Blouse Customization Options

Changing your saree blouse is fun and easy. You can pick from many neckline styles, sleeve designs, and back designs. This lets you make a special look that goes perfectly with your saree blouse fabric selection.

Neckline Styles

The neckline shapes how your saree blouse looks. You can change the depth, shape, and style to fit your body. Flex your choice from rectangle, halter, and V-necks to boat necks, which work great for any style.

Sleeve Designs

Choosing sleeves affects how your blouse seems. There are sleeves for every need. Like long ones or sleeveless, the choice is yours. You can also go for full, quarter, or mid-length sleeves for a varied style.

Back Designs

Don't forget the back of your blouse. You can have covered backs, backless looks, or something between. Try designs like point or heart-shaped backs, they're perfect for a bridal lehenga blouse.

Fabric Choices

Your saree blouse's fabric is important too. You can choose from lots of materials like cotton, silk, and more. Each one works best for different times, like daily wear or a big event.

Size Charts and Readymade Options

Many websites have detailed saree blouse size charts to help shoppers find the right fit. These charts show bust, underbust, shoulder, and sleeve measurements. Customers can look at these sizes and choose the best one for them. Some sites also allow for made-to-measure or customization options. This means you can give your exact size so they tailor it to fit you perfectly.

At Utsav Fashion, you'll find a great size chart for blouse shopping. It comes with centimeters and inches for easy understanding. You'll see sizes for bust, waist, shoulder, sleeve, and blouse length, all to ensure you pick the right size in readymade saree blouses.

Utsav Fashion's chart has sizes from XS to XXL with specific bust and waist sizes for each. For example, XS fits 32-inch bust and 26-inch waist. It helps with how to measure your bust and waist properly. This is key for getting the best blouse size.

Think about your body shape when picking a size. If you have broad shoulders or a big bust, pick the size that fits those areas best. Then, you can adjust the rest for the perfect fit. Reading reviews and product details also helps. They give info on the fabric, stretch, and how it fits to guide your choice for blouse size.

If you're not sure of your size, it's smart to try the blouse on first. This makes sure it feels and looks good on you. Plus, many places let you return or exchange readymade blouses easily. It gives you more chances to get a blouse that is the right fit for you.


Getting the right saree blouse size online is key. By knowing how to measure well and using the right tools, you can get a perfect fit. Make sure to measure accurately. If you need help, just ask. And be clear with the seller about what you want. This way, your saree blouse will fit you just right. You'll feel great and look beautiful in your saree.

Knowing your measurements well is very important. With the right fit, you'll feel confident and save money and time. Tools like markers and calculators can help. And don't forget expert tips to avoid measuring mistakes. These ensure your blouse fits perfectly.

This guide also shares lots of saree styling tips. It helps you pick the best necklines, sleeves, and fabrics for your blouse. Using size charts and ready-made options can save you time and make your blouse unique. You'll end up with a look that's just right for you and your saree.


How important is finding the right saree blouse size when shopping online?

Finding the perfect saree blouse size matters a lot. It can make you look your best. A blouse that fits well makes the saree stand out more.

What are the benefits of taking accurate measurements for saree blouses?

Getting the measurements right is key. It leads to a blouse that fits perfectly. This means you won't have to return it, saving time and money. Plus, you'll look great in photos.

What are the essential tools needed for measuring saree blouse size online?

You'll need markers, an online guide, a calculator, good light, and comfy clothes. Photos of the process can also be useful later on.

What key measurements are important for finding the right saree blouse size?

To get the right fit, measure your bust, underbust, and shoulder first. Also, measure the blouse's length, armhole, and sleeve length. This is crucial for a blouse that fits well.

What are some tips for ensuring precision in online saree blouse measurements?

Here are a few tips. Measure carefully at specific spots. Follow a guide and take your time. And if you need help, don't be afraid to ask.

What common mistakes should be avoided when measuring for saree blouses online?

Don't forget to use a guide and label measurements correctly. Be patient and stand straight while measuring. These simple steps can prevent mistakes.

What expert advice can help ensure a flawless saree blouse fit?

For a perfect fit, focus on the details. Take exact measurements and stand straight. Consider the saree type, get a trial blouse, and talk often with the seller.

What customization options are available for saree blouses?

You can pick from different necklines, sleeve styles, backs, and fabrics. This lets you create a blouse that's totally unique.

How can online size charts and readymade options help in finding the right saree blouse size?

Online stores often have size charts for easy comparison. Some also offer custom or readymade options for a perfect fit.