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black print fancy new blouse design
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designer long sleeve blouses
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purple flower fancy new blouse design
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Fancy New Blouse Designs - Long sleeve

Rs. 269
  • 4 Way Stretchable
  • Super Soft Fabric
  • Lower than Blouse Stitching Cost

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Color: Black Peacock

Black Peacock
Peacock Blue
Printed Dark Green
Paisley Black
Blue Flower
Printed Brown
Orange Yellow
Pink Painting
Illusion Blue
Purple Stripe
Viloet Flower
Printed Sky Blue
White Flower
Yellow Blue
Printed Green
Printed Dark Pink
Printed Red
Printed Bronze Green
Printed Navy
Green Woods

Size: S/M 30-32

S/M 30-32
L/XL 34-36
2XL 38-40
3XL 42-44
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gayathri Sureshkumar

Readymade Designer Long Sleeve Blouses

Ranjitha Kumari S

Readymade Designer Long Sleeve Blouses

Sachu VN
Gymmer Blouse

Blouse material is good and pattern also.There is a small issue which I faced is the length of the blouse.Please increase the length of the blouse for the perfect fitting with saree

Swapna Sreerala

Nice fitting and stretchable cloth so no issues in size liked it so much

Lavanya K
quality wise nice



I'm excited to show you a collection of fancy new blouse designs. They mix old-world elegance with modern style. You'll find everything from detailed designer blouse collections to the newest trendy blouse styles. These pieces take inspiration from top haute couture runways. They're perfect for anyone looking to add a stylish blouse pattern to their closet.

Get ready to be amazed by the contemporary blouse trends that mix old skills with new ideas. Whether you want a runway-inspired blouse look or a bold fashion-forward blouse, there's something here for everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover a stunning collection of fancy new blouse designs that blend tradition and modernity.
  • Explore the latest trendy blouse styles, from intricate embroidery to contemporary cuts.
  • Elevate your wardrobe with designer blouse collections that cater to fashion-forward individuals.
  • Uncover the world of haute couture-inspired blouse designs for a truly unique and stylish look.
  • Find the perfect blouse pattern to complement your personal style and occasion needs.

Unveiling the Latest Trends in Blouse Designs

Get ready for a thrilling journey through the world of blouse design trends. We'll explore everything from classic elegance to modern chic. This section will show you a wide range of styles that can inspire your fashion choices.

From Traditional Elegance to Contemporary Chic

Step into the world of traditional blouse designs, where old meets new. Discover the beauty of kalamkari and block print designs. These timeless pieces add elegance to any outfit, mixing past and present beautifully.

Explore the Vibrant World of Printed Blouse Designs

Enter the colorful world of printed blouse designs for endless style options. These blouses feature bold patterns and bright colors that make any outfit pop. From classic Kalamkari to modern block prints, these designs blend tradition with today's style, letting you express yourself.

Blouse Design Trend Percentage of Popularity
Embroidered Blouse Designs 50%
Black Blouse Designs 40%
Sleeveless Blouse Designs 30%
Sheer Fabric Blouse Designs 20%
Polka Dot Blouse Designs 15%
Western-inspired Blouse Designs 10%
Celebrity-endorsed Blouse Designs 5%
Tassel-embellished Blouse Designs 5%
High Neck Blouse Designs 5%
Net Fabric Blouse Designs 5%
Pearl-embellished Blouse Designs 5%
Floral Print Blouse Designs 5%
Ruffle Sleeve Blouse Designs 5%
"Blouse designs have the power to transform the entire look, elevating an ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary. The latest trends offer a captivating fusion of traditional elegance and contemporary charm, catering to every style preference."

Fancy New Blouse Design: A Fusion of Style and Craftsmanship

Explore the world of fancy new blouse designs that mix style with craftsmanship. These beautiful pieces have fine details and luxurious fabrics. They make you stand out with their custom blouse patterns that fit your body and style.

Look at the handcrafted blouse details and the luxury blouse collections. Each item is a masterpiece. Skilled craftsmen put their heart into every stitch. They make custom blouse designs that look great and feel great to wear.

Blouse Design Feature Benefit
Handcrafted Embellishments Adds a touch of unique elegance and exclusivity to each piece.
Luxurious Fabrics Ensures a comfortable and high-quality wearing experience.
Customized Patterns Flatters the figure and reflects personal style for a bespoke look.

Make your ethnic outfit pop with these fancy new blouse designs. They mix tradition with modern style. Whether you want a classic or a bold piece, there's something for everyone.

"The perfect blouse design can transform a simple saree into a stunning sartorial masterpiece."

Enjoy the beauty and skill in these luxury blouse collections. Let your style shine. Dive into the mix of old and new in fancy new blouse designs. They change how we see fashion.

Elevating Your Ethnic Ensemble

Make your ethnic outfit stand out with a selection of saree blouse designs for every event. These designs range from bridal blouse styles with detailed embroidery to festive blouse trends that add elegance. Each piece is made to match the timeless beauty of the saree. Find occasion-specific blouse looks that mix tradition with modern style, perfect for any special event or cultural celebration.

Saree Blouse Designs for Every Occasion

The world of saree blouse designs offers endless styles to enhance your outfit. From bridal blouse styles with beautiful embroidery to festive blouse trends with a modern twist, these pieces highlight the saree's beauty.

For weddings, check out bridal blouse designs with detailed patterns and luxurious fabrics. Embrace the festival spirit with festive blouse trends that mix traditional and modern. Whether it's a formal event or celebrating your cultural heritage, the right occasion-specific blouse look will make your outfit stand out.

Our collection of saree blouse designs offers a perfect mix of tradition and modern style. With timeless craftsmanship and contemporary fashion, elevate your ethnic wardrobe. Make a lasting impression with each stunning blouse.

Blouse Design Occasion Fabric Embellishments
Embroidered Bridal Blouse Wedding Silk Intricate Embroidery, Kundan Work
Floral Printed Blouse Festive Cotton Vibrant Prints
Velvet High Neck Blouse Formal Event Velvet Minimal Embellishments
Handloom Blouse with Tassels Cultural Celebration Handloom Tassels, Intricate Weaving


The blouse has become a key piece in fashion, letting people show off their style and heritage. Today's blouse trends mix old-world elegance with modern style, giving us many ways to spice up our outfits. With details like maggam embroidery and kundan work, these blouses are now a must-have, changing how we dress.

Looking for the perfect blouse for a big day or just want to stand out? This collection of blouse designs is here to inspire you. With puffy sleeves, bold necklines, and unique shapes, you can make a statement. Add your own flair with embellishments to make it truly yours.

Blouses are more than just clothes; they let us express who we are. With their wide range of fabrics and styles, we can make our outfits pop. Let's embrace these blouse trends and confidently show off our unique style.

Additional Information

Black Peacock, Peacock Blue, Printed Dark Green, Paisley Black, Blue Flower, Printed Brown, Orange Yellow, Pink Painting, Illusion Blue, Purple Stripe, Viloet Flower, Printed Sky Blue, White Flower, Yellow Blue, Printed Green, Printed Dark Pink, Printed Red, Printed Bronze Green, Printed Navy, Multi, Green Woods


S/M 30-32, L/XL 34-36, 2XL 38-40, 3XL 42-44